“I inform you that cannabis in France is still forbidden sir!”


Every week, the “Obs” sits on the bench of a courtroom. Anywhere in France Any day. And no matter the nature of crimes and offenses.

“Where were you born when and where?”, Launches the president just sitting and relieved of thick files. The defendant is from the region, he is 41 years old. And that day wears a hooded jacket, black jogging pants and sneakers. At the wheel of a quad, on a Saturday night in October, at the sight of the gendarmes, he stopped, went back, turned around, stalled, then obeyed. All while being alcoholic. Two beers in the afternoon, three whiskeys as an aperitif. He was at his brother-in-law’s house and wanted him to try the newly acquired machine.


The president :

“You are not unaware that a vehicle, from the moment it is motorized, you can not drive alcoholic?” – I had 800 meters to cross in the woods.- But sir, even in a wood at the wheel of a craft like that, you can kill yourself! ”

His locker includes several mentions: robbery, violence on spouse, use of narcotics … He has already been convicted for driving while intoxicated.

The President, without wasting time: “You did a little detention?” He says yes.

The President: “It’s nice the Evreux prison, it is 200%!.” He says no.

Father of three children, separated, the defendant works at the factory and earns between 1,500 and 2,000.

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