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Weed is a savior for patients suffering from severe pain. After the release of the medical Weed in Germany, intense demand cannot be reached.

Weed (Cannabis) had been debated on the legalization of the use of medicines in Germany. The legal regulation for quality buy-weed online produced at the beginning of the year was made at the beginning of last year for the physician’s prescription of seriously ill patients, and the sale of medicines in Weed’s medical use and pharmacies started in March 2017 in Germany.

However, it takes a certain amount of time for the Weed seeds to turn into flowers and begin production.

Christoph Schäkermann, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) disease in 2015, received the prescription of Weed from his physician in August 2017 for the first time after a doctor’s diagnosis. However, when he went to the pharmacy, Weed was told that he would get his hands in October. The fact that weed could not be found at the pharmacy and that the sickness insurance also refused to take the costs has already made the treatment of the man living with the social state quite difficult.

MS Patient Christoph Schäkermann said:

“Cannabis (Weed) makes sure that I have the right rhythm of everyday life, and it allows me to overcome all my pains and cramps. When I have pain or movement problems, I feel much better when I use Weed. I can cope much better with pain,” says Christoph Schäkermann. .

In accordance with the new law in force in Germany, serious patients have the right to receive medical specialties from the pharmacy without a specific authorization. Weed extract, which has been integrated into dried leaves or medicine, can be used against complaints such as spastic contractions, chronic pain and nerve pains in diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatism. Weed, cancer, AIDS, such as appetite in the disease is also found. However, the positive effects of the essence of Weed essence have not yet been fully researched.

Christoph Schäkermann said he was considering moving to Canada because of the weed products that have not yet been fully legalized in Germany. It is known that in Canada, patients take control of their health by making buy weed online. For this reason, many patients are looking for ways to live in Canada to find solutions. Because in this country, we can buy buyed online free and quality weed products with confidence.

cannabis - buy weed online
cannabis – buy weed online

Weed is an expensive medicine

Most of the patients in Germany are now obliged to cover the costs of sickness insurances with the amendments made to the law, although most of the patients in Germany receive the treatment costs from their own pockets and the costs of the sickness insurance have been undertaken only in individual cases.

The German Association of Pharmacists (ABDA), in the first half of 2017 with a doctor’s prescription of 10 thousand 600 units Weed leaf was given to patients. However, the figures boomed in a short time. Last March, doctors were given 560 prescriptions, but this number increased to 5,000 in June. It was also reported that 12 thousand 500 ready-made drugs were delivered to patients. Since the last summer, a bottleneck in this area is connected to intensive demand.–45789229–45791112–46276211–43812232–43437297–46287505–48880892–43834640–46442388–46307434